3 Must-have Gadgets for Your Next Conference Trip

3 Must-have Gadgets for Your Next Conference Trip

I take attending conferences VERY seriously. From planning the sessions I’ll attend to the after-hours parties I go all out to ensure my experience is amazing. And that include packing the right gadgets to get me through the long learning and networking filled days. Here are a three of the gadgets that I simply won’t go to a conference without.

A Heavy-Duty Phone Charger

Phone Charger for ConferencesThose little lipstick-type chargers just won’t do the job when you only spend 5 hours in your hotel room for several days at a time. And camping out on the floor in the hallway next to an available electric outliet? No way! I need a charger that will get my electronics through at least half a day of conference back channel tweeting, picture snapping, and note taking. My pick is the EasyACC Classic Power Bank. This charger will power up my LG phone with two full charges before it needs plugged back in. I won’t travel without it.


Fold-able Bluetooth Keyboard

I’ve gotten the hang of using my phone keyboard, but when I’m trying to take notes in a conference session, my fingers just can’t keep up. That’s why I love this fold-able Bluetooth keyboard. I can hook it up to my phone or tablet and speed type my session notes with fewer mistakes. When I’m ready to move on, it folds up and takes up just a small space in my conference tote bag.


Bluetooth Selfie Stick/Tripod

Make fun of me if you want. Selfie stick might be a bit blase these days, but this one has some features that I can’t live without. If you like to record your conference sessions or live stream your thoughts on a conference, this selfie stick will save your arm and eliminate the shakiness in your vids. It’s got a removable tripod you can add to the handle. No more holding the phone up for an entire session, just sit this on the table in front of you and forget about it! It’s very sturdy yet light to carry around and collapses into your average conference tote bag.


To make it easy, you can click any of the links in this post to head over and order these gadgets on Amazon. I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program but I only recommend things that I believe in and/or use myself. Do you have any favorite gadgets that you just can’t attend a conference without? Tell us about them in the comments!

Need An Easy Way to Start A Conversation? Lend a Helping Hand

Need An Easy Way to Start A Conversation? Lend a Helping Hand

I’d finally learned how to start a conversation easily, but four years after becoming comfortable with networking I’ve regressed. I’ve been working from home for a year and a half now and it’s bringing out the Introvert in me something fierce. I try to get out and have networking lunches, go to fun events, and just plain see people. But it’s hard when my natural tendency is to curl up with a book or play a game.

For the past month, I’ve made an extra effort to schedule some lunches and go to events and… well, I found out that my networking skills are a bit rusty. Yesterday I remembered one of my old approaches to starting conversations that makes it MUCH easier for those of us… let’s say conversationally challenged. I offered to help someone.

This summer I joined our local arboretum with the intention of taking some classes and going to fundraisers. It was October and I hadn’t been to anything yet. The annual plant giveaway happened on October 1st, and you can bet I wasn’t going to miss it.

It was pouring rain that day (ideal for when you’re going to be standing in the middle of a garden for two hours) but I was determined to have fun. This event was an adventure! The arboretum gives away 4000 plants to over 300 people in completely organized, chaotic fun! You can see how it works in this video.

Waiting in line under a huge umbrella, I noticed the woman behind me was huddled and shivering in just a rain jacket. “Would you like to share my umbrella,” I asked? And that was the beginning of a great conversation where not only did we stay mostly dry, I got some great tips on how to get the plants I wanted during the giveaway.

Start a conversation with a little red wagonAbout 30 minutes later as I was dragging my mostly full red wagon full of plants back down the gravel path to load it up, I heard someone make a comment just behind me. “You’ve got a lot to carry!” they said. “Yes,” another voice replied. “It’s my first time and I didn’t know I would need a cart.” I turned to see that the second voice belong to a woman struggling to carry a bin loaded with her plants.

“Here,” I offered immediately. “Let’s move this over and you can put your bin right here.” She was surprised at the offer and a smile lit up her face as she placed her bin on my wagon. We had a nice conversation as we walked back to the parking lot together. We split up to load our haul into our cars, but she found me again before she left to tell me how much she appreciated the help.

I didn’t get business cards from either of these people. It just wasn’t that kind of event. But I will probably run into them at future events at the arboretum. Even if I don’t, it feels good to flex those networking muscles AND to make someone’s day just a little better. Every positive networking experience gives me more confidence and more willingness to start the next conversation. Who knows where that conversation will take me?

Because Our Network is Your Network: Introducing Robyn Sayles

Because Our Network is Your Network: Introducing Robyn Sayles

Red Feather Networking would like to introduce you to Robyn Sayles, Owner of Catapult Creative Consulting. Robyn will be attending ATD 2015 in Orlando and is the Sunday night VIP for the #RFNstyle Tweet-up at The Pub in Pointe Orlando. A Fascinate Certified Advisor, Robyn is making people have Ah-Ha moments on a daily basis and your next!

Using innovative thinking & unorthodox problem-solving, Robyn has a way of helping to bring clarity to the way the world views you. As you will hear her say time and time again, “You already have everything you need to be awesome. Let me show you how.” You can grab Robyn’s conference special and take the Fascinate Advantage Assessment for just $10!

So without further ado, Red Feather Networking would like to introduce you to Robyn Sayles.