3 Steps to Get Started with Twitter

If you haven’t fully jumped on the social media bandwagon yet, where have you been? Everyone is tweeting, liking, plusing, pinning and linking these days. And we already know that social media is an invaluable tool for expanding and maintaining your network beyond your own geographical area. Maybe Twitter just hasn’t been for you. Maybe you just can’t see how it would benefit you or your business. Well, I would have to say, “your wrong.”

Here are 3 easy steps to get you all set up. Give Twitter the benefit of the doubt for 3 months then tell me what you think.

  1. Sign up for a Twitter account. Seems like common sense, but for a social media neophyte, it can be a big one. Once you have an account – you are out there. People can see you, follow you, and know what you’re posting. It’s scary, but if you’re serious about becoming involved, creating an account is the only way to get started. Choose a username that represents you (and your business if that is going to be the purpose of the account). You can use your name, business name, or words that describe your profession, hobby, or interests. The name has to be unique, so you may want to have several variations ready before you start creating your account. You can change your username at a later time if needed.
  2. Start following people. Just lurk for a bit and watch the comments of other people. You’ll get a feel for how it’s done. If you’re not sure who to follow, there is actually a link at the top of your Twitter page called “Who to Follow”.Twitter makes recommendations based on the people you are already following and your interests. Many companies include “Follow Me” links on their websites. Just click the link and sign in to Twitter to follow them.

    3. Start Tweeting. Don’t think you have anything to say? Start with tweeting out an interesting news article. Most of the major news affiliates like CNN or Fox News post Tweet links right on their articles. Click it and you’ll have a ready-made tweet. Just click Send.
    Do you like a tweet someone else made? You can hit the Retweet button to send it out to all of your followers. Similar to forwarding an email, your followers will know that you weren’t the original tweeter, but that you just like it so much you wanted to share. Once you are comfortable with the mechanics of tweeting – take the plunge and compose your own!
Once you’ve completed these three steps, you are well on your way to becoming a regular tweeter. Follow me or send me a mention @KellyPhillipsNC and let me know how you’re doing! Check back on the Red Feather Networking blog for more articles on how to use Social Media to expand your network.
Kelly Phillips is a self-proclaimed Learning and Development Passionista and shares inspirations and insights on the Effective Training & Design blog.
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