About RFN

Red Feather Networking was born out of the stunning realization that making connections with other people opens up the world and allows amazing things to happen. Simply getting to know the people you meet allows you to make connections between people you know, recognize opportunities for enhancing each others lives, and generally make the world a happier place. You don't need an ulterior motive or want something in particular. You just need the desire to open up, look around, and experience something pretty amazing over time.

We're here to help you lean how to do it. Introvert, extrovert, traditional networker, or homebody — we offer articles, workshops, keynotes, videos, books, and advice to help you make connecting with others easier. We'll help you with information about topics related to networking, such as professionalism, work issues, job hunting, and living your best life.

It does take a little practice and dedication, and it takes some courage to risk rejection. However, it doesn't take time away from your job or your family. It doesn't require you to ask everyone you know for favors, and it doesn't mean people will start avoiding your phone calls because you bug them too much!

What Does the Red Feather Mean?

The red feather is a symbol indicating that the wearer is open to making connections, in other words getting to know new people and having fun doing it! Wear it on your conference badge at a conference where red feathers are attending and  everyone will know you're open to talking with them. If you see someone with a red feather on their badge, know that you can approach them without fear of being brushed off or getting a rude rejection. When you see red feathers, you know your world is about to open up!

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The History of the Red Feathers

The red feathers began when a group of professionals attending a conference connected through social media to create a fun, worldwide network of colleagues from all fields. The network became so large and diverse, the group attached red feathers from the craft store to their conference badges in order to recognize each other in the crowd of conference attendees. Word (and feathers) soon spread, and by the end of five days, Red Feathers were in every workshop, around every corner, and enjoying themselves at every turn. Ask any Red Feather and they'll tell you, it was a conference experience like no other!
Believing that neither professionalism nor networking needs to be boring, Red Feathers embrace their love for life, passion for fun and their desire to be a valuable resource to others. Seeking to make connections with others- not for their own selfish benefit — but because when you reach out and connect with those around you, the possibilities are endless!
We're kind of like the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club.  Each of us brings something unique to the table.  We are ….. a talker…..a techie……a writer……a creator…..an organizer…..a webmaster…and a performer.


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